Day one… 

So I did it!!! I finally came home, fed Toby,  dug deep into my wardrobe and found my workout clothes. I put them on…ignored the fact I was bulging out of them and I, me, Shaena…..I worked out!!! 🙈🙈

Yes, you read that right. I got out my yoga mat, I busted some moves, I worked up a sweat and you know what? It felt bloody amazing!! I mean, it’s gonna hurt tomorrow…majorly! But I got it done…as pathetic as it was and I’m proud of myself! 

In 2 weeks I start a new 12 week program. If you’ve read any of my previous posts about fitness you’ll know that a couple of years ago I started Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide. I never ever made it through the 12 weeks, and although I’ve seen that it can be a fab program for a lot of people it just wasn’t for me. So I saw that Sinead Disaya (pro Aussie tennis player and personal trainer) was offering her 12-24 week fitness guide on instagram for free for a short time. I of course I got right in there and grabbed the offer. I mean, who doesn’t love a freebie?! But I checked out her workout style and it seemed to be more of my kind of thing! So 30th Jan the 12 weeks Sweat Believe Roar challenge starts and in an effort to not die in week 1, I thought I’d better ease myself back into this whole fitness thing again. 

So I found this app on instagram that has yoga workouts for fat loss and fitness. I took a look and I liked it so that’s what I tried out today. They have lots of free workouts in different styles and for different lengths of time depending on what you feel like doing on the day. So today I did the fat burner without. Holy hell….it was only 14mins but it was a killer. Who knew that yoga could make you sweat like that?!! 💦

I was meant to hit the cross trainer afterwards but I could barely manage 10 minutes! Oh well….I didn’t kick myself for it, I just focused on what I had done and was proud that I didn’t just come home from work and collapse on the couch! 

So this was day one of my fresh start. It’s taken more then a few steps to get here but I’m here none the less and it feels good 👌


HIIT, hens and holidays 

Oh my goodness…what a week!!! It’s 4.30am on a Sunday and I can’t get back to sleep. So I thought I may as well get my blog on and fill you in on the crazy week I’ve had! 

There was a lot of back and forth from Northampton. I was attending court there for work. So there were some long days….and the nature of the trial resulted in some emotional and mentally draining times. It was pretty exhausting…..

(Fell asleep again…continuing this before bed now 😂)

On Friday I was back in the office but it was still a hectic day. I had lots of little things to do and that evening I was out with the girls from work for a joint hen do. I’d organized it so was a little stressed out as most of it was a surprise but the evening went well and I think everyone had a good night. 

After brunch with my friend Natalie on Saturday I headed home and have had a pretty quiet weekend since. For some reason I’m still exhausted though…

Anyway so this was also week 1 of my 6 week fit body bootcamp challenge. Now because I was away Monday night in Northampton I was advised to start on the Wednesday. However although i didn’t start the food plan until then I still got in a mini HIIT workout in my hotel room on Monday night and I made it back in time for a bootcamp session on Tuesday! 

So how’s it going??? Well…surprisingly okay actually. I made it to 3 sessions this week and of course there was my Monday evening sweat session in my room. But I knew once my body got over the initial shock over the intense workouts that would be the easy part. What I was most worried about was the food plan. NO CARBS FOR TWO WEEKS!!!!!! 

Now obviously there was my night out on Friday. So I’ll admit I haven’t stuck to it 100% but other then that night I’ve been eating only protein, veggies and healthy fats. And I’ve actually not found it all that hard. In fact it’s been really good for me to be a little bit more inventive with my cooking and combine things I never would have before. Here are a few of the things I’ve eaten this week…. 

But I’ve still 9 more days to get through before carbs are introduced back into the food plan. Thankfully it’s the day me and my friend Alex fly to Croatia so my diet won’t be as strict while I’m away. Can we just take a moment and appreciate this view…..this is the pool at our hotel! 😍

I plan to still eat as clean as I can for the 4 days but I’m not going to beat myself up if it doesn’t happen. Our hotel has a gym so I’ll aim to get my HIIT workouts in every day so I can indulge a little and not feel guilty. 

So until then I really need to smash the next week and a half. Aiming to get to fit body bootcamp 4 times this week and then on Saturday me and my BBG midlands beauties are London bound for Kayla’s bootcamp tour!! So excited to see the girls, get another workout in and see and hopefully meet Kayla in person. 

So time for me to hit the hay….it’s way past my bedtime and I’ve another busy week ahead. Night night all xxx 

P.S this is my amazing cheat meal from Friday night 🙈

All you need is love 

What I’ve loved about today is the amount of love that everyone is spreading. Not just between husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends, partners in general but also between friends and family. 

For a single gal in her 30’s Valentine’s Day however much of a made up day it is or isn’t, can be a bit of a sucky day. We pretend not to care and we pretend it’s not a big deal but deep down there are a lot of us that feel a bit miffed knowing we won’t be getting a reminder that somebody loves us on this particular day. 

This year I was reminded of two things. Firstly that I am loved. And secondly it’s not just about having that special someone in your life….but actually about all the special someones in your life. 

Yesterday morning this gorgeous little bundle of love arrived for me… 

It was from one of my beautiful BBG Midlands girls. I think as a fellow singleton she knew how I might be feeling this weekend and made sure that I was reminded that I was loved. She really is an amazing friend. 

Earlier this week I was also blown away by the words of one of my other BBG girls who dedicated one of her Instagram posts to me. I was beyond overwhelmed by the things she said. And it made me realise that I might not have a man in my life to make me feel loved and special but I sure do have a whole heap of other beautiful people. And so many of them have sent messages and snap chats (lol) of love to me this weekend. 

It’s such a lovely feeling to know people love you. I think that’s why it’s so important to always tell people that matter to you that you love them too. You never know who might need to hear those words or how much it may mean to them. 

So don’t just save it for Valentine’s Day. Make love a part of everyday. Whether it’s love for your family, your friends or even for your dog. Love as much as you can. And above all else…always do your best to love yourself because you are the person that matters the most 😘

Confessions of a foodaholic 

Food. It’s a wonderful thing isn’t it?! I myself am quite fond of it and I’m not ashamed to admit my day revolves around what I’m going to eat and when. If I’m not eating food then I’m more then likely thinking about it. But here’s the problem…my love of food has basically meant that after I hit 25 and my metabolism came to a grinding halt I started to pack on the lbs!!

The last 10 years have seen my weight go up and down as if it was in some kind of Japanese yo-yo competition. I’ve tried everything…weight watchers, feeble attempts at the gym, running, PT sessions, Les Mills classes, and I’ve even tried jumping up and down on a trampoline every night. Some of these things worked, others not so much. Either way I couldn’t sustain the weight loss even when it did drop a little. And I now I know why…..god damn FOOD! 

I love to cook…and I had basically convinced myself that by cooking dishes from scratch using fresh ingredients most of the time, the food I was eating wasn’t bad for me. I had an ok balance of protein, lentils and vegetable….not amazing but it wasn’t terrible. I rarely do take-always and my love of eating out comes in phases. So I didn’t think that my diet was all that bad. 

At the end of 2014 I got myself a PT and I worked really hard in the gym and doing various classes in addition to my sessions. I lost quite a bit of weight and started to love the way I felt and looked. I gained back some of my confidence and I thought I’d reached a turning point. However I soon realized what I was doing wasn’t enough to get the results I really wanted….and any time I took more then a week or two off from exercising I noticed the weight creep on every so quickly. 

So this time I knew I had to do more. Exercise alone just wasn’t enough. You can train as hard as you like in the gym but if you put the wrong kind of things into your body, well it’s just not going to thank you for it. Cue clean eating Shaena! 

As you know I started Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (BBG) workout plan at the start of the month. I’ve just finished week 2 and I’m doing pretty well. I’ve also been going to the gym in between and trying to remain as active as possible. In addition to my exercise regime I’ve quite literally cleaned up my eating habits. I started simple…no more skipping breakfast. Starting the day with things like eggs, spinach, smoked salmon. I reduced my carb intake massively at lunch time and tried to stick to bigger quantities of protein and vegetables. And in the evening as mum is home and usually does most of the cooking in the week we reduced our portions, cut down rice to once or twice a week and stuck to lentils, vegetable dishes, fish and lean protein. 

I honestly thought the massive change in my diet would leave me craving things like pasta, rice, crisps and chips….but its done the opposite. Instead I’ve been excited about trying new things, looking for new recipes and just experimenting in general. I even bought some new cook books to add to my collection but this time the theme was slightly different…..

Here are a few things I’ve made or eaten  recently…some of which I wouldn’t have even considered eating before now!

My new favourite lunch….ham, eggs and beetroot. Odd combination I know but I love ham and beetroot and well…eggs are a good protein boost. I don’t however eat the yolks which I’ve gotten a lot of stick for from folks at work 🙈

A few breakfast and brunch options mostly involving scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and spinach amongst other things! 

Two things ive never been a fan of are oats and avocado. However this last week I had them both. The avo I just mashed up on toast with some scrambled egg and surprisingly enjoyed it. Forgot to take a photo but I’m sure it’ll feature in my food more from now on. And then there’s this bad boy breakfast….one I will save for a post workout morning feed. Over night protein oats….aka proats! A mish mash of oats, almond milk, Greek yogurt, cacao and protein powder…..doesn’t it look amazing?? Tasted it too!!! 😝

On Friday I made my first authentic chili con carne made with beef brisket. I used two different types of beans and loads of peppers which I used to hate….turned out pretty amazing! Made my own tortilla nachos to go with it too….yum! 

And then this afternoon I cooked up this beautiful chicken and sweet potato curry from a recipe my friend Sehar gave me. I can’t wait to have this for lunch later this week as it smells so good….got 3 batches for the freezer as well. 

So there you have it. Me and my new relationship with food. The old relationship was fun but it didn’t last and it made me unhappy. This time I feel energetic, vibrant and full of life. My tummy is happier, so I’m happier 😊

nb. Feel free to contact me for recipes or follow me on Instagram @shaenas_stuff to see my food and fitness journey xx 

One perfect week 

I know there’s still one more day of the week left and I don’t want to jinx anything, but….. I think I might have actually done everything I intended to do this week!!

Last Sunday my weeks goal was to get through all my BBG workouts, hit the gym where ever possible, eat as healthy as possible, no treats and no alcohol. Actually I’ve not had a drink since New Year’s Day so I’m doing pretty well there anyway and intend to keep it that way until my holiday at the end of Feb!

Anyway…where was I?! Ok, so on Sunday evening I made myself a stash of egg muffins filled with lots of yummy goodness such as smoked salmon and spinach. These were going to be my breakfast for the coming week! 

I’m so naughty and never really eat breakfast. Then I find myself raiding the vending machine mid morning because I can’t hang on until lunch….normally scoffing down a bag of crisps and then wondering why I can’t lose weight!!! But not this week, this week I was a good girl. I had my egg muffin every morning and if I was hungry after I followed it up with a banana or some almonds and raisins! 

Lunches were yummy this week too. There were lots of eggs involved 🙊 I aimed to cut down my carb intake and eat more protein and veggies. Tried to do the same with breakfast on the days I was at home too. And me and mum did our best to eat clean in the evenings too. Lots of veggies, fish, and lentils. I have to admit this is the first time I’ve enjoyed eating so healthy. Not once have I craved anything naughty or wanted to cheat. It’s been easier then I thought and it’s made me feel so much better. 

So I did good on my eating!! Next up was exercise. I started off on Monday night…came home from work and threw on my workout gear straight away. First up was BBG week 1 – legs!!! Arghhhh!!! Half an hour of lunges, squats and step ups. Sounds easy….but believe me it’s not! Still I got it done and felt great for it. 

As I mentioned in my last post I had my fitness assessment in the gym on Tuesday night. Despite my poor results I came away with a fairly decent exercise plan which I did again on Thursday and this morning. Wednesday was BBG – arms and abs….killer!!! And Friday was BBG – full body, which is basically taking bits from both Monday and Wednesday’s circuits. I also got in a couple of LISS (low intensity stead state) sessions and plan on finishing off with a nice long walk tomorrow afternoon. 

So there you have it, healthy eating and all my workouts complete for the week. And you know what? I feel bloody amazing!!! Makes me wonder why it took me so long to get my ass into gear and just do it. But I think until you’re ready to really try hard and until your head is completely in the game it’s unlikely it’ll happen as easy as it has done for me this week. I guess it’s just all about timing and how much you really want to change things. 

Today I treated myself to a blissful Indian head massage as well. Thought it would be a nice way to end the week and help me chill out after a very busy few days. It’s definitely something I’m going to get done more regularly. It’s really helped me relax this afternoon. My mind feels more at peace at the moment. There seems to be almost no noise, no darkness and no fear. I can’t tell you what’s changed because I don’t know myself. But things are feeling good at the moment. I’m feeling good. I looked in the mirror today and I can already see a change in my face. Not weight loss as such but just healthier, brighter…..and I guess happier. 

So this is me almost at the end of my one perfect week. Feeling great 😊 xx 


Baby elephant 

That’s what I felt like today. I picked elephant because I like elephants and I’m trying this whole new love yourself thing. So why not associate myself with an animal I like 🙂

Anyway….so it was fitness assessment day at my new gym. Oh dear god, what a wake up call. I knew it wasn’t going to be good but crikey the numbers were bad. In fact they were horrendous and I felt utterly ashamed that I’d let myself get that far. I’m so ashamed that I can’t even confess to what they were. 

Yes….scales make you cry!! I didn’t though. I wanted to but what’s the point. I’ve only myself to blame. So enough self pity and time to get on with it and do something about it!! 

Yesterday was day one of the Kayla Movement 2016. Day one was a leg work out. One I’ve done a few times already now. But I have to admit, this time was definitely the hardest. It hurt. It hurt a lot. But I got through it and it felt good. 

So, like I said. Today I had my assessment in the gym and then the trainer talked about my goals and what I want to achieve. Simple answer. Burn fat. All of it!! Well ok, not all but before I even think about strength and toning I need to burn some serious fat off these bones!!! 

Now I obviously have my BBG schedule which will take up most of my week and I’ve got my regular badminton session and I’ll phase the odd class in here and there. But on the odd days I actually set foot in the actual gym I don’t want to be wandering around aimlessly or working out using equipment that’s no use to me. So here’s what the trainer set out for me…nothing crazy but something I can slot in here and there after badminton, before a class or after one of my LISS (low intensity steady state cardio) sessions. 

He said to stick with this for 3-4 weeks and then see how I’m progressing before changing it up. Combined with my other workouts I think this will work well. He also recommended a high protein/low carb diet for me for a few weeks get that fat melting. As I’ve mentioned before the inner carb whore in me will find this hard but I’m determined to do what ever it takes this time. I’ve already made some big changes to my diet and I’m looking forward to trying out new recipes and new foods. In fact I already have two clean eating cook books on their way….so watch this space for recipes and reviews!!

So the gym visit wasn’t great but it hasn’t left me deflated or angry. It’s just given me the motivation and ammunition to change my habits, train hard and start eating right! I don’t ever want to be back here in this position again. I’ve already wasted all the effort and hard work I put in last year with my training. I refuse to waste anymore of my time. This time it sticks. This time I’m in it for good!! 💪🏽

The Kayla Movement 

So I survived week one of 2016!! Go me!🙌🏽  

To be honest it wasn’t so bad. I went back to work on Monday and it was really nice to be back in the office without feelings of paranoia, nausea and tiredness. I got stuck into my work again and it was good to back into the office banter with my colleagues. 

I also went back to the gym on Wednesday. I was dreading it to be honest. Almost a month of being sat at home doing next to nothing topped with 3 weeks of festive indulgence has certainly helped me pile on the lbs!! Needless to say I feel gross. But I have no one to blame for that except myself and the only way to change it is to get back in that gym, start working my ass off (quite literally) and get on the clean eating train!! 

So I decided to take things easy last week whilst I decided what I need to do long term. I eased myself back in with a couple of gentle cardio sessions and an hour of badminton with work. I felt a little lost if I’m honest. I’ve joined a completely new gym and with me being back at the start with my fitness I felt out of my depth. Like a complete newbie. My confidence is all but gone and I think I might even be at my heaviest weight ever. I guess I will find that out on Tuesday when I go for my fitness assessment…not excited!!! 😖

So what am I going to do about this? I’m going to stop the excuses, stop skipping workouts, stop eating crap and I’m going to sort my shit out!! 

 Tomorrow The Kayla Movement 2016 begins. BBG girls all over the world are starting their 12 weeks together…some like me are starting from the beginning while others might be on round 2 of BBG2. Either way we are all in it together and that’s why I love the BBG community. I have made some amazing friends because of Kayla Itsines and her fitness guides. Knowing these girls have my back and are there supporting me every step of the way makes me even more determined not to quit this time. I want to make them proud as much as I want to make myself proud. I know I’ve tried this guide a few times already and barely made it past week 3 but this time it’s different. This time I’m more focused and I want it way more then any of the other times I’ve started. To make it easier I’ve purchased the Sweat with Kayla app to following the guides properly, keep track of my progress and incorporate the healthy eating guides as well. 

I’m excited to get going with BBG tomorrow and I want to get back to doing my favourite gym classes like spin, body pump and body combat eventually too. But I know that the answer to keeping the demons away doesn’t just lie with exercising and being healthy. I need to find other ways too. Do other things that I find enjoyable. This is where my happiness planner comes in. My sister bought me this for Christmas. It’s brilliant. Rather then planning out my whole year this scales it down to 100 days. This is perfect for anyone who needs a fresh start at any point during the year. You set weekly goals, record your daily moments, what you’ve eaten, what you’ve been grateful for, any daily activities and what your hopes for the next day are. It lets you take things step by step, day by day and helps you focus on the little things which are sometimes the most important. So later this evening I will be filling out the rest of my planner ready for day 1 of happiness 😊

So one last big thing that happened this week. Me and my BBG girls have a group whatsapp chat to talk about all things Kayla. It’s where we discuss our monthly meet ups, our over spending on gym clothes, food stories and such like. So on Thursday our queen organiser, Lisa posted the schedule of dates for the New York BBG meet ups. The girls over there have been meeting up for a while now and have their full 2016 schedule all sorted. I’m pretty sure Lisa only posted it is a sort of joke but somehow all of a sudden we started discussing if we could actually go. Fast forward 5 hours and six of us are suddenly booking flights and accommodation to NYC for the BBG meet up in November!!!! 😆

Call us crazy, call us mad – we don’t care because we are going to New York City baby!!!!! Me, Lisa, Laura, Ceri, Harriett and Lauren….we wish we could take all the other girls with us too!!!! I literally cannot wait. And this is another reason that I intend work through the next 12 weeks, no matter how hard they are. And then after that I’ll do another 12…and maybe another! I am officially on the Kayla train and this time I’m not getting off!!! 💪🏽

Goodbye 2015

When people say ‘Happy New Year’, what does that even mean? I know people are wishing everyone happiness for the year ahead but really??? I mean whose year is full of complete happiness? Maybe some, but everyone has rough times over the year surely? Is anyone truly happy through the the entire year?

I sound miserable don’t I? I’m sorry. I just don’t feel all that excited about the year ahead. Not because it won’t be a good one. But because I don’t know what it will bring. Last year I was excited about the good things to come but look where I ended up? Was it my fault? Did I not try hard enough? Did I do something wrong?

This last year for me has been crazy. It started well and slowly and gradually it got darker and darker. I fought…I really did. I tried to deal with the bad thoughts I was getting but I just couldn’t do it! So I hit a wall. A hard one. I had to get back on medication, my fitness regime went out of the window and I even had to take some time off work.

When I look back I don’t think my year was that terrible. I just think things deteriorated slowly. Initially I didn’t even realise it was happening….not until it was really bad anyway. The last few months have been tough. Really tough. Having my baby sister come and visit was just was I needed. I got to be myself, bad days and good. We had a great time together and I loved having her here. And to top it off my Momma bear came home just before christmas. When I started struggling she got worried and decided she wanted to be here with me. I didn’t ask for it but I’m grateful for her being here. I do need the support and sometimes I’m just to scared to ask for it.

So I had a semi family christmas which was lovely. It was emotional at times as I’m still dealing with a lot but having my sis and mum here was more then I could ever ask for.

I’ve also had some amazing support from other friends. My BBG girls have been amazing…messaging regularly to see how I am, sending flowers and just generally being amazing. My friend Alex has been there every day for me. Checking on me, messaging to see how I am and gnereally making me know I not alone. When you are going through a hard time your true friends really do appear and I’m lucky I have so many.

So anyway 2016 is a mere 4 hours away. Am I excited? Not really! I’m just thankful. I’m thankful I got through 2015 and still here to see in new year. There are times where I’ve wanted to give up. To not continue. To not keep going. I know it sounds utterly selfish but when you feel hopeless, full of self loathing and cannot see the purpose of your existence you literally can’t see any other way out.

But I’m still here. I want to keep going. So come at me 2016. I’m not going to tell myself I’ll do all these amazing things. I just want to get through another year. Getting through a day is hard enough at the moment so I think that would be an achievement on its own. Life is hard folks. Don’t set yourself unrealistic new year goals and resolutions. Just strive to get through things, be as happy as life will allow you to be and strong enough to fight through the times when life isn’t so great.

Be good to yourself next year. I will try to do the same XXX



Drained. That’s me today. The last few days have been great but have really taken it out of me. After a lovely weekend in Stratford I jumped back into my fitness regime with a body pump class on Monday morning at my new gym and then did my BBG week 3 workout when I got home that evening. It felt good!

I also started the second of my group therapy sessions on Monday afternoon. Like the other one it went really well and I enjoyed it. There were only two of us who attended but it didn’t matter. Was just nice to share our experiences and feelings and know we are not alone.

Yesterday I went to the 3rd session of the other group. The ladies there are so lovely I feel so relaxed and comfortable talking with them 🙂

It’s Diwali in the Hindu calendar today. So I should be celebrating with friends and family but instead I’m sat on the couch, under my blanket watching a DVD. I’ll come back to why later. Somebody at work suggested those who celebrate the festival and anyone else who wished to contribute mark the occasion with a food feast at lunch time. So last night I spent the evening cooking away with the help of two of my friends from work. Had a lovely evening, laughing, eating and just feeling happy.

Today was a struggle. I felt tired all day. I had to go to Northampton for work. It felt like a very long drive there and back for a task that took very little time. My colleague and I were fighting to stay awake on the drive home. But I like those kind of trips because we get to talk shit in the car for a few hours and it’s always nice to get of the office for a day.

Anyway tonight I was supposed to go round a family friends for Diwali dinner but I just wasn’t feeling it. The drive home from the office was a mission. I couldn’t even face the gym! So sadly I had to decline my invite and instead I’m having a lazy evening at home.

I felt bad at first but then I was reminded of something that was discussed at my group yesterday. When things get too much, when you get tired or when you just can’t keep going. Pause. Take time out for yourself to allow yourself to get back on track. So that’s what I’m doing tonight. Resting my body and resting my mind.

So tomorrow is the Hindu new year. I intend to chill out tonight and regroup. And tomorrow I’ll start over. That’s what New Year’s Day is for after all 😉   

Death by Lisa

Today I met up with a group of strangers, in a park and we tortured ourselves with a Kayla Itsines BBG workout in the freezing cold!! It was AWESOME!!! 🙂


I know I’ve been on and off with the BBG program but I’ve been determined to not give up fully and these girls have been like little fitness angels encouraging and supporting me all the way. When I’m feeling rubbish they spur me on, when I’m sick or injured they tell me to rest until I’m ready to start again. Considering I’d never met some of these people until today I know I can count of them to have my back!!

BBG is tough! Like, really tough! Kayla certainly knows how to push us to our limits. Trying to juggle the program with the gym classes I love has been hard. But after seeing the amazing progress others have made I really want to get through this 12 weeks and hopefully move onto BBG2!!!! I’m never going to be skinny…I don’t want to be skinny. I love my food too much lol!!! I just want to be happy in my own skin. Confident, strong and proud! And I really thing Kayla….and these girls will get me there! 🙂

So how was today? Well first I met Lisa who has been the super efficient organiser by sorting us out with a work out plan, date and time. And she’s totally lovely!! Then one by one the girls rocked up….Ceri, Jess and Veronika….Neesha, Rosie and finally the BBG Midlands meet up instigator Laura and her friend Alessia. 🙂 🙂

With all the rain yesterday and it being still wet on ground we struggled to find a decent spot to workout. We almost destroyed the bowling green but then were told we could workout there! But once we got started it was great. We had music, a nice spot on the main path to gain a good audience (LOL!!!!) and each other!! Lisa’s choice of exercises kicked our butts but I know we all enjoyed it!! Burpees, jump lunges, push ups, jump squats and sit ups……we did the lot!!

Afterwards the comedy started…..Laura’s continuous technology fails! LOL! We spent a lot of time trying to get a decent photos!! We laughed so much!! And then it was time for the best part of the day…FOOOOOD! My friend Sarah had recommended the Plough in Harborne so I booked ahead and off we went to fill our belly’s. The food was amazing and we had lots of chats, giggles and obviously planned out next meet up!!!


I had the best day!! So thank you girls and thank you Kayla. You have inspired me, motivated me and given me a reason to keep going with my fitness journey! As slow as it might be….its happening!!!


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