All about the boy 

Once upon a time a girl who was so broken and sad decided it was time she gave up on the idea of her knight in shining armor. But low and behold, just as she did, he appeared. 
I’ve been a MIA these last few weeks and I know that. I’ve been distracted. By a boy 🙈
People say that when you least expect it, it’ll happen. Now I understand that. It came out of nowhere but I have had a smile on my face since I met him. I’m not afraid to say it because I know he feels the same. 
I’ve waited a long time for this. But this one….he was totally worth it ☺️



Time is a great healer they say. I do believe that. Heartbreak, sad times, painful moments….given enough time these things fade and we learn to let go or move on.

But there are times when we are often reminded of those moments. Not for very long and less painful then the last time but they are still there. Today is one of those days for me.

Today I will have thoughts of regret and sadness and my heart will ache a bit. But I know now that however painful life’s lessons are they teach us things that make us stronger and braver. So I will allow myself to feel these thoughts, just for today. But tomorrow I will let it go….until the next time. 


Good friends. A beautiful location. And the wedding celebration of the year. Chamonix, France…an unforgettable few days away to celebrate the wedding of my best friend Alex and her beau, Jon. 

I’ve known Alex since my Australia days. We met when she moved into my house. We got on instantly and although we didn’t live together for very long me and Alex have remained good friends ever since. She has been my rock through some really difficult times and I consider her more then just a friend. 

 When Alex and Jon got engaged I was delighted for them. I had only met Jon a few times before then but I knew instantly he was perfect for her. He bought out the best in Alex and I had never seen her so happy. And something I found rare when people often meet their partners is that our friendship remained exactly the same. 

Alex has always talked about a location wedding and when she told me it was going to be in Chamonix I was so excited. I’ve never been on a snow holiday never mind to a wedding in such a fab location. I started planning straight away and got my flights and everything sorted. And of course there were endless chats with Alex about all things wedding. I think everyone wanted it to just get here fast. And last week it was finally here. 

I flew out with Alex’s mum, brother Michael and his girlfriend Lisa. It was a long journey but I knew it was going to be worth it. After a bit of an ordeal finding and getting my numerous belongings to my apartment I got a message from Alex to say they were in Monkey Bar and to head on down. So I did. And that’s where the fun began!!! 

6 days of laughing, drinking, eating with an amazing group of people. Aside from Alex’s immediate family and Jon I hadn’t met any of the other people before. But it didn’t matter. Everyone was there for the same reason and every day was spent enjoying the celebrations with a lovely group of people. Some I would now count as new friends 🙂 

 And then of course there was the wedding. Wow!!! What a day. I can’t begin to explain how beautiful it was. Everything about it was perfect and I was just so happy to be there to celebrate with Alex and Jon. Believe me these pictures do not do it justice….it was magical.

After the wedding the fun continued for a few more days but slowly people started heading home and sadly we could all feel it coming to an end. On my last day I finally made it up to the top of the mountain and shared some scary but breathe taking sights with Alex’s sister Elle. A perfect way to end my trip. 

 Oh and of course I have to mention the food. You know I love my food….aside from a dodgy pizza experience it was all amazing!!! 

 My lonely journey home was somber to say the least. I was so sad to leave and I knew that one of the best experiences of this year was over. It all went way too fast. 

Alex and Jon, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day and the whole #chamwed adventure. It was truly unforgettable. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Barrand 💕


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