All you need is love 

What I’ve loved about today is the amount of love that everyone is spreading. Not just between husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends, partners in general but also between friends and family. 

For a single gal in her 30’s Valentine’s Day however much of a made up day it is or isn’t, can be a bit of a sucky day. We pretend not to care and we pretend it’s not a big deal but deep down there are a lot of us that feel a bit miffed knowing we won’t be getting a reminder that somebody loves us on this particular day. 

This year I was reminded of two things. Firstly that I am loved. And secondly it’s not just about having that special someone in your life….but actually about all the special someones in your life. 

Yesterday morning this gorgeous little bundle of love arrived for me… 

It was from one of my beautiful BBG Midlands girls. I think as a fellow singleton she knew how I might be feeling this weekend and made sure that I was reminded that I was loved. She really is an amazing friend. 

Earlier this week I was also blown away by the words of one of my other BBG girls who dedicated one of her Instagram posts to me. I was beyond overwhelmed by the things she said. And it made me realise that I might not have a man in my life to make me feel loved and special but I sure do have a whole heap of other beautiful people. And so many of them have sent messages and snap chats (lol) of love to me this weekend. 

It’s such a lovely feeling to know people love you. I think that’s why it’s so important to always tell people that matter to you that you love them too. You never know who might need to hear those words or how much it may mean to them. 

So don’t just save it for Valentine’s Day. Make love a part of everyday. Whether it’s love for your family, your friends or even for your dog. Love as much as you can. And above all else…always do your best to love yourself because you are the person that matters the most 😘


Oh em gee! (Part 2)

This weekend has been absolutely crazy! I feel like I’ve not stopped yet, I also don’t feel like I’ve anything to show for how exhausted I feel right now… 

I’m in bed as I write this post watching the clock get further away from what I like to call bed time. But I promised you some more oh my glow detox deets so here they are… 

Ok, so the other 5 gorgeous ingredients that make up the blend are… 

Again you can see each one has some amazing benefits. For me anything that helps with digestion I’ll quite happily grab on to! I’ve had tummy issues for years now and tying to keep those troubles at bay can be difficult so knowing I’m giving my tummy a helping hand to stay happy and content is a bonus. And who doesn’t want clearer skin, more energy and a little help to keep those extra lbs off the hips?!! I know I do!! 


So there you have it. 

10 ingredients

 2 teaspoons. 

1 dose a day. 

And this is what you get….

Today I was rushing around and in and out the house quite a bit so didn’t have much time to use my detox powder in anything exciting. So, rather then miss out I just mixed it up in about 200ml of water and downed like a boss! Think of it as a shot of healthy goodness…that actually tasted pretty ok. Like a fruit juice almost! On the up coming weeks I’ll be posting more recipes and stuff you can use your powder in and let you know how I’m feeling during my omgdetox experience so check out my posts @shaenas_stuff 👍

Ok I really do need to sleep now. I have body pump at 7am so this boss babe needs her beauty sleep! 😘

Ps don’t forget, order at and use my 10% discount code – omgshaena10 xxx 

Oh Em Gee! 

Superfoods. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle and clean eating, people are all about the superfoods these days. Everyone is trying to add them into their diets, including me. But which ones? Where do we get them from? How do we use them? What will they do for us? So many questions!!! 

Two years ago I started with chia seeds. I read about them online and in this book about the Tarahumara tribe in South America who ate chia seeds and it made them run really fast…I was into my running back then lol!! So anyway I found some in a health shop and started sprinkling them on my cereal and in soups etc. Job done! 👍

But that was just one. I wanted to try more but some of the less common ones weren’t that easy to find in supermarkets and well, to be honest if you did find them they weren’t all that cheap! Fast forward 18 months and one sleepy morning as I scroll through Instagram with one eye still closed I came across this…. 

Oh My Glow have created this amazing blend of 10, yes 10 superfoods into an easy to use powder. It’s genius!!! The combination of these ingredients will do wonders for you. It reduces bloating, gives you energy, increases your concentration levels, will improve the condition of your skin, helps with weight loss and of course will leave you glowing ☺️

Of course I ordered it! And a few days later I got my lovely package from Natalie and the Oh My Glow team. 

So, what’s in it? Well here are just a few of the ingredients and their benefits. 

Look how much good stuff you get from just these 5! 

Today I tried my powder in a beetroot and apple smoothie. It was fab. The taste wasn’t affected at all, in fact it made it even nicer with all those yummy berry flavours. It tastes yum on its own too according to my mum who stuck hey finger in the powder to try it lol!!

All you need is 2 teaspoons a day to benefit from all the goodness these superfoods provide. 

I have a date with Kayla Itsines’ 600 rep ab challenge now but check back in tomorrow when I’ll tell you about the other ingredients and their benefits. And give you another way you can add it into your diet. 

If you want to place an order head over to and be sure to use my discount code for 10% off your order – omgshaena10. 

Happy Glowing 💖💕

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