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So yesterday was my birthday. My original plans were to escape to Bath for a few days away with one of my besties. Sadly, she had to cancel last week. It was an unfortunate situation and we were both gutted. However, in the end I actually had a really lovely day.

I spent the morning opening my cards and presents and then my lovely Dad made me breakfast. Egg and soldiers….who says you have to have a grown up breakfast on your 35th birthday?! 🙊 I then went to the gym with my Mum for a kettle bell workout. Gotta keep up with the fitness regime! Good job really as I continued feasting for the rest of the day haha!

Lunch was with my folks at one of the black country’s finest pubs for pie and chips…yum!!! Then after a little afternoon rest I headed into town to join some of my work friends for dinner and drinks. When they found out my original plans had fallen through they rallied round and organized a lovely evening for me. It was a lovely end to a lovely day 😍

I’d already had the days booked off from work so I decided not to waste them. So… I checked into a spa hotel for some quality me time. I plan on doing what I want when I want and have a relaxing, chilled out day. I think it’s important to make time for yourself once in a while. Weekends tend to get full up with house chores, social events and spending time with people. And when you do book the day off work you end up doing the same. So I decided this was the best way to have a proper day off and just think about me for once.

So I’m off for a swim now and hitting the sauna after….byeee! 🙋🏽 x 


Death by Kayla

I haven’t written a post about my fitness shenanigans for a little while so thought I’d give you all a little update. I started my new 12 week plan a couple of weeks ago and sadly things did not run all that smoothly. I came back from Rome all raring to go and after my first couple of days I got sick…..typical! It was only a little cold and general fatigue but rather then rest up I kept attempting to get back into my workouts sooner then I should have, which meant the whole thing dragged on for over a week. So I restarted it all last week and although it was a little struggle I’ve been doing ok….

So what am I doing? Well as I mentioned a while back I’ve decided to give Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide another go (BBG). It’s 12 weeks of workouts that can be done at home or in the gym, 3 times a week. In addition to the program you have to incorporate your own low intensity steady state workouts (LISS), high intensity interval training, (HIIT) and some resistance training. So with my body combat, spin, kettle bell classes and my weekly badminton session with work I think I’ve got it all covered! Sounds intense doesn’t it…it is! Haha!

And how am I getting on? BBG is tough! On paper the workouts look straightforward and achievable. In reality you want to die after the first 2 minutes! There are 2 circuits to complete, each circuit has 4 different exercises and you have a certain number of reps for each one. You have 7 minutes to complete each circuit and if you have time remaining you just go back to the beginning and keep going until the 7 minutes are up. You do each circuit twice, so thats 4 sets of 7 minutes with a minute in between each circuit to rest. Or in my case roll around on the floor gasping for air and wanting to cry. So anyway, if all goes well you complete the workout it in half an hour. Simple really….yeah right!

Any of you out there that do BBG know the phrase ‘death by Kayla’ – it’s a real thing. No joke! Kayla…if you are reading this I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while and I’ve seen how your guide has transformed people for the better both physically and mentally. But oh my god you are the epitome of evil hidden behind a beautiful face! Hahaha! BUT I will keep going with the burpees, squat jumps, commandos, push ups, jump lunges, sit ups and what ever else you throw at me and I will too become one of your success stories…..WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Another fabulous thing that has come out of me jumping on the BBG bandwagon is the amazing BBG community on social media. I’ve been following a few accounts on Instagram of girls doing BBG and a few weeks ago one of them based here in the UK suggested organising a little meet up. BBG meet ups are becoming more common in places like Australia and the States but I hadn’t really seen all that many here in the UK. And even more exciting is the fact that this lovely lady is from the Midlands so we now have our own little BBG Midlands group and have set a date in October to meet up in Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham for a fun filled hour of death by Kayla!! 🙂

It’s been so lovely to chat to girls doing the same program. Everyone has their own reason for doing it and its just nice to be able to share your progress, feelings and frustrations with others doing the same thing. The BBG community is amazingly supportive and I already feel like I’ve made some good friends even though I haven’t actually met any of them yet. Girls you are awesome!! 🙂

So that’s BBG so far. My head is in the zone and I’m not going to quit this time!! I’ve a few other little plans up my sleeve but I will share those another day…

Birthday eve meltdown 

In my last post I talked about a year of small changes. Good things that had happened and the importance to focus on these little things and not dwell on what still hasn’t been achieved.

Today I’m my friend. You know the one who was freaking out about her birthday and how her life was never going to change? Yep…it’s my turn for the freak out.

I don’t want to be 35!!!! I don’t want tomorrow to happen. And I don’t want to have to start ticking the next box in the age bracket question! 

Seriously. How did I get here?? 35 tomorrow?? That can’t be right. Maybe I miscalculated. Please god tell me I’ve got it wrong!!!! 

It’s the little things in life…

It’s my birthday next week. Birthdays bring me mixed feelings. Generally I enjoy them. I love having an excuse to do something special with friends and family. But it also brings home the reality that I’m another year older and still feel like I’ve gotten nowhere with my life. 34 (soon to be 35), living at home and STILL single!!!! Seriously people….WTF???

Today whilst at work, my friend and I got talking. She’s just had a birthday too and got whacked by the ‘what am I doing with my life?’ stick (bloody hate that stick!). Anyway she often feels like I do and it’s funny when someone else is feeling how you sometimes feel you seem to find little words of positive wisdom for them which you can never find for yourself. Either that or you just never choose to listen to your wise positive thinking self but rather your ‘my life is a mess, why is this happening to me, I’m a train wreck’, pessimistic self! Not talking about myself here at all…..honestly!! 

So anyway she was saying how nothing much has changed in the last year and she couldn’t see how anything would really change going forward. You see, we both are getting to that ‘how are we still single?’ point. When you start wondering and asking ‘what the hell is wrong with me?’. Please don’t answer that….lol! I know being in a relationship is not the key to a successful and happy life but sometimes it would just be nice to have that someone…you know?! To do stuff with, share moments, make memories. I’m surrounded by people who have that and well it would be nice if I could have it one day soon too. And I know that’s what my friend was getting at. 

But I turned her whole ‘nothing will ever change’ theory around. I pointed out that yes, ok, we might not think we are any closer to big life goals like meeting Mr Right, settling down and having a family but things have happened. We both started new jobs, we both bought new cars, we visited new places, made new friends, she became an Auntie, I started playing badminton and tennis…and the list goes on. 

One big thing we also did this year is open ourselves to the possibility of actually meeting someone new. Which I think is a very big step in the right direction. So where am I going with all of this? I don’t know to be honest lol!! I guess, just that sometimes if you are always looking and waiting for the bigger things in life you might miss out on all the small good stuff that happens along the way.  

So yes, next week I will be 35, still living at home and still single. But you know what? Things have changed and things will keep on changing. And I for one am looking forward to what’s still to come 🙂 xx 

Balancing act

For me, living with depression is not all about feeling sad. I go through a series of highs and lows. Sometimes life can be ok…I find positivity, happy moments, I learn to cope. My GP told me a few years ago my symptoms were that of a mild form of bipolar called cyclothymia. For me this equates to having a great weekend seeing friends and then feeling really down and lost during the days that follow. Or having an excellent few weeks at work and then just waking up one day and hating myself and the world. The dark phases can last anything from a few days to a few weeks or even months. Some phases are worse then others. Sometimes I can explain why I’m there and sometimes I can’t. 

The reason for me explaining this is to tell you where I’m at now. The medication I’m on seems to be helping a lot. In addition to this my dad has been doing reiki on me every day for the last few weeks. The combination has had me feeling better…not great but definitely more balanced. I’ve also gotten myself back into a regular gym routine and there’s nothing better then getting a sweat on to release those endorphins. 

So yes, at the moment I’m doing ok. I’ve also just gotten back from the most amazing trip to Rome with my Mum. It was just what I needed. A break from real life in a beautiful place with one of my favourite people. We had such a lovely time 😍

Going back to my fitness regime. Now I’m back in the zone and the gym is no longer a chore I start my new 12 week schedule this week. I’ve got my usual classes in there which I love…Spin and body combat. And of course my weekly badminton sess with work and a few weights sessions. But I’m also giving Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide another crack. For anyone who has never heard of it, it focuses on gettin your body fit and strong as opposed to skinny so that you feel comfortable in your own skin and I suppose don’t mind showing it off in a bikini! 🙈 

I’ve been following Kayla and some of the BBG girls on Instagram for a while and randomly one of them today suggested setting up a group in Facebook so we could all share our progress and help support and motivate each other. I always thought the program was just huge in Australia and in the States but it turns out there’s a big group of us here in the Midlands too. So now with this group we have our own little BBG community and can plan meet ups and workout sessions! I’m very excited about this. I’ve never had gym buddies or work out friends so although we are a bunch of strangers we all have BBG in common and having each other for motivation will help keep us on track! 

So lots of positives right? Yes…but this is when I start to worry. I’ve become used to the fact that after good phases I normally get hit with a bad one. Not always. But it happens. Without explanation, without warning and without reason. It just happens. So this is when I have to remember to stay relaxed but focussed. Not to stress about things out of my control. Embrace the good that’s happening and not question them. I need to remain balanced and just live. 

If only it was as simple as that. 

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