Changes and challenges

Oh man! I don’t even remember when I sent my last blog post out…I do know it’s been way too long though! Every now and then I think to myself “I must write a post soon” but it just never happened. When I started this I would write about all good things and bad that I wanted to get out in the open but I have to admit recently I’ve been keeping things to myself a bit more and I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

The last few months have been weird. I haven’t been going down hill as such but just feeling a little lost occasionally. I had an amazing 3 weeks away back in March visiting friends and family in New Zealand and Australia. Feels like a life time ago already. Seeing my sisters and spending time with family was so good….I just wish I could have stayed longer. I also went back to Perth for a week which wasn’t what I expected. Don’t get me wrong I had a good time and it was so good seeing friends again. But it also made me realise that it’s not a place I want to get back to anytime soon. When I left in 2013 I wasn’t ready to go and ever since I’ve missed my life back there (when it was good) but time has passed and things have changed and as much as I love it there I came away knowing that isn’t where I need to be right now. Relationships with friends change, people change and things just move on and I guess without realising I’ve moved on from Perth too. But I saw it as a good thing..I went back because I needed to and it gave me the closure I needed to be able to move on and get on with my life back in the UK.

Since then I’ve struggled a bit at work. There were changes while I was away and it’s taken a bit of time for to adjust to them. Work used to be a place I loved to go to…my job was interesting anyway but I was surrounded by a lovely bunch of people 5 days  a week which made me want to get out of bed every day and get to the office as soon as possible. But when I got back from my holiday the changes meant that I didn’t come back to that same environment. I wasn’t happy!! 😦 To make matters worse my gym regime was going down the pan as well. So basically things were pretty crap!

All this started to impact my health. I wasn’t sleeping and I was struggling to get up every day. My appetite went out the window and I generally felt flat and a bit shitty!

I have to admit I let myself wallow for a couple of weeks. What girl doesn’t? BUT!!!! I knew what would happen if I felt sorry for myself too much. Been there and DO NOT want to go back there again!. So I picked myself up and decided I needed to refocus and set myself a new goal!

Soooooooooo! In a moment of madness I signed myself for a half marathon in October. Crazy, I know!!! Don’t know what made me to do it  to be honest but before I knew it I’d announced it to all and I knew there was no turning back. Last year I managed to do my 10k run with only 3 months training and no previous fitness behind me. So although I’ve not run for way too long I have 24 weeks to train and I know my fitness is 10 times what it was this time last year so I I’m hoping I stand a chance of making it round the 21.1km course! Arghhhhhh!

So today I hit the gym hard. I did back to back classes of body combat and spin this morning. It was a killer. But it was also good to be back! I’ve got some stuff to get done tomorrow but Monday I’m going to head out for a run and see where I’m at before I kick strart my half marathon training plan. OMG!! What was I thinking!!!!!!!!


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