I’m still here :)

Holy cow it’s been a while. I had great intentions to start 2015 with a positive blog write up with all my plans and goals for this coming year but it just didn’t quite happen. Every week I’ve thought to myself ‘must write something soon’ but time just got away from me and all of a sudden we’re creeping up to the end of February…wtf??? I have been busy though…not just sat around on my ass being lazy I promise. So what’s been happening…?!

Well I had a crazy christmas catching up with friends. It was a lot of fun but tough at times with not having my family around. But I was blessed to have spent it with some amazing friends who got me through the festive period 🙂

January was non stop. Straight back into work. Working on a new case and it’s been hard going but so interesting. I had a couple weeks off from the gym over the hols but knowing my trip Down Under was edging ever closer I got straight back into it in Jan. My PT started me off with a fitness test my first session back and despite the festive including I was pleased to find not only had I lost weight and dropped my body fat percentage I had also smashed my press ups, plank hold, wall sit and sit ups goals!! Go me!!! 🙂

Since then I’ve fallen back into a nice routine. Three PT sessions a week and couple of spin classes too. Work has been crazy with training days, exams and other stuff so I am in desperate need for a break. The weather has taken its toll on me too. I have really struggled with the cold and miserable winter days. It’s really gotten me down at times and I’ve found it hard to pick myself and keep going. I think it’s safe to say I’m in desperate for some warm sunshine and proper break!! So thankfully just before Christmas I finally booked my flights to OZ and NZ and I will be on my way really soon!! 10 sleeps to be exact!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!

I literally cannot wait to get on that plane and see my friends and family. Since the day I left I’ve been praying for the day I’d be able to go back and see everyone again and now it’s actually happening!!! However I have sooo much to do before I go. Holiday shopping, tie up a lot of loose ends in work and most importantly work off my ass in the gym.

My fitness regime has become such a massive part of my life these last few months. I’ve had some tough days but mostly it’s changed me for the better. When I left Oz I was over weight, depressed and beyond unhealthy. I’m by no means a skinny mini now (still love my food way too much lol) but I know I’m a hell of a lot fitter, stronger, happier and healthier. I’ve made these changes for myself obviously but it’s still important to me that everyone see the positive change in me when I go back. So although it’s been a wobbly start to the year I am so excited about what’s around the corner. Not just my holiday but all of my other plans for the year ahead….which I will fill you in on soon 😉 x


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