It’s just after 7am on cold and miserable Saturday morning and I’m hiding under my duvet in bed scouring Instagram for some fitspiration! Social media is full of people losing weight, getting fit, being healthy and it’s hard not to get sucked in by the selfies and progress pics and not think ‘I want that body’. I admit I’ve done it myself but I’ve also realised that you can’t be someone else or compete with someone else’s journey to become better. Everyone is on their own journey for their own reasons so for it to work you need to focus on yourself and find your own reasons. Having said that I don’t think there’s anything wrong in following other people’s journeys to help you along your way.

This past year I’ve followed friends of mine and seen what can be achieved with a little hard work, determination and discipline. It’s been amazing to watch them transform into fitter and healthier people and to see how happy this makes them. From 12 week challenges, smashing running goals or monthly boot camps I’ve found it inspiring to see them progress and get some amazing results. I myself have tried a few different things but I think the mistake I was making was trying to do the same as others. So although I did ok for a short time the old habits crept back in and I lost my way again. But thankfully after my minor meltdown a few weeks ago I think I’ve finally found my groove. I thought about my own goals, my own reasons and found what works for me.

I was already enjoying my PT sessions but I know I needed something a little more. Twice a week was going to get me nowhere and now that I’ve settled into a better daily routine I have found I do have plenty of time to workout during the week. Over the summer I was running up to 3 times a week but honestly, I knew that with winter here as much I’d have liked to I just don’t have it in me to brave the elements and the dark nights. So I tried a few different classes in the gym and have rediscovered my love for spinning. I did 3 classes this week and loved them all. Pushing myself to limits I didn’t know I had and feeling so amazing after. I’ve also found the inner yogi in me again after a few body balance classes. I think it’s important to do something like yoga even just once a week to not only keep your core muscles strong but for the mental health aspect of it. Blasting cardio session and lifting weights is all well and good but if you’re not in the right head space how long will it last? So as of Monday I’m taking part in monthly yoga challenge to make sure I do a little every day 🙂

So admittedly I’ve jumped on the fitspiration band wagon and posting workout selfies, quotes and other bits on Instagram. But rather then the ‘hey, look at me!’ side of it, for me I think it’s more about the feel good factor, having the support and encouragement along the way and holding myself accountable 🙂



Time to regroup

Day 5 post dental surgery. Spent another day on the couch, under my blanket snoozing in between movies. Safe to say I’m not feeling great. Had two of my wisdom teeth removed on Friday…it was not pleasant. Didn’t expect recovery to take this long and I’m getting rather fed up now. I have however had a lot of me time which is has given me a chance to think about where I’m at right now. I’ve been very busy since my last post so I guess this is a good a time as any to catch up on things….

Work: Some days have been really busy, some…not so much. Enjoying it though. Spent a few days working away in Cardiff on an interesting case and have had some giggles with my new friends in the office on the quieter days. Its early days yet so work isn’t as busy as I would have expected it to be but I’m pretty sure I’ll be rushed off my feet after Christmas so for now I’m making the most of the more leisurely working days!

Fitness: Was doing ok with my PT sessions but then my trainer went off to serve jury duty. Obviously I could have continued to work out on my own but excuses started to creep in and I didn’t really do much. Poor effort on my part and I’m fairly disappointed in myself. Rich (my trainer) told me to keep it up while he was away so we weren’t starting from square one once he got back…he’s not going to be pleased!! 😦

Food: Not good! A few too many trips to the snack machine in the office and failing to stick to my 3 healthy meals a day. Breakfast has gone out of the window and once that happens the rest of the day is a write off!

So where do I go from here? Well I guess I quit the excuses and get on with it. It’s stupid really because I know how good I feel when I’ve got a good routine going with everything so I don’t know why I’m not doing it. Obviously at the moment I can’t do much whilst I’m in recovery mode but it does give me a chance to plan ahead and figure out how to get back on track. Winter is closing in quickly so I need to find some motivation to make sure that I drag myself to the gym after a day at work rather then sneak off home to hibernate on the couch for the evening.

Once again a pep talk was needed and I had chats with my bestie Emma today who helped me figure out a plan going forward. I have already got a session booked in with Rich on Monday so fingers crossed I’m recovered by then. I also scoured the fitness class timetable this afternoon and have decided to give something new a try in between my training sessions with Rich. So I picked a few classes, allocated a couple of days to train with Rich and have drawn up a nice new 12 week schedule which takes me nicely up to my trip down under next year! 🙂

So that’s the fitness part sorted. But I need to cut out the crap food too. I haven’t been that bad but I know I should be eating much better. Mum and Dad left for India last week so now I’m on my own I need to get into a routine of cooking healthy and planning ahead so I have decent healthy food for lunch too. Decided to kick start next week with a 3 day juice cleanse to get me going. I feel much better after a detox and it makes me want to be healthier once I’ve done it. Ok, so it doesn’t always last forever but at least it gets me started.

So what else? Well I still want to have a life as well and for the first time in over a year I finally feel like I’ve got mine back. It’s been so nice the last few months hanging out with old friends and new and I’ve had a lot of fun. A bit too much fun perhaps so I think I need to just get the balance right. Hopefully the people I have around me now aren’t going anywhere anytime soon so as long as I give myself the odd days and weekends for the fun stuff I should be ok.

Bit of a boring post this..sorry! Just needed to think out loud for a bit. It helps 🙂

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