And so it begins….

Just crawled into my bed after a very tough day at work. Tough because I was out last night with my colleagues marking the end of 5 weeks of training. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out so late on a school night so rolling home at 2am definitely had an impact on the rest of my day haha!

I’ve not had a chance to update my blog these last few weeks as it’s been pretty manic. The training was mentally exhausting but it’s been an amazing experience and I’ve learned so much! But more then anything I’ve just had such a great time with my training group. There have been some really hard days, some hilarious ones and some fairly dull ones but if it wasn’t for the people I was with I would not have had such a ball. As I was driving home today I was actually a little sad that it was all over. Obviously I’ll see most people every day when in work but it will be different to the last 5 weeks. I’m sure there are many more good times to be had but it will never compare to the great start I’ve had. Some really good friendships have already been formed and it’s strange to think we’ve only known each other for about 6 weeks!

So the real work starts on Monday and as much I’m nervous I’m also really excited. I feel like I’m settling into my new life now and things are falling into place. My new job, working out at the gym and I finally have a social life again…yay!!

I really want to write so much more but I physically can’t keep my eyes open any longer!! Time for sleep……goodnight ūüôā xx


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