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Can’t believe I’m at the end of week 2 of my new job. I don’t really know where to start….last week was really great getting to know my team and learning all about the organisation. This week as been very different. We are fully into training mode and it’s a little bit like being back at University. Back in the classroom, learning the laws, legislation and what is involved in our roles. It’s been hard going and my brain has been fried at the end of most days but it’s sooo interesting and I’m loving every minute of it! Got another 4 weeks of it before I’m ‘let loose’ so to speak. A little nervous about that part but excited too. I love that with this job, because it’s so new I can start fresh and the expectations aren’t so high. Of course my previous experience and skills have got me here but we have come from different backgrounds and we are all going to have to learn from the training and from each other! I’m loving the opportunity to get to know new people as well. I was always a little worried about settling back in the UK as my social circle has diminished a little since I was last here but it’s starting to grow again and I can already see I’m going to make some good friends with my new job! 🙂

Spoke to my parents earlier today…they’re currently in Niagara enjoying a holiday to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Doing a little trip stateside seeing the sights of NYC, Niagara Falls and Boston! So excited for them! Got me thinking about this time last year. They’d actually booked the trip for August last year but had to cancel because I came home and was really not in a fit state to be left home alone. I felt so bad at the time but really happy they got there eventually…and to celebrate such an amazing milestone. They’ve been so brilliant with me this last year and I am so grateful….would not be where I am now without them! Love you Mum and Dad xxx

What a difference a year makes hey?! Could not have even imagined this is where I would be a year on! Pretty proud of myself to be honest. I thought my life was pretty much over when I left Perth but look where I am now 🙂


Tackling Twilight!

Today I am hurting! I am bruised, battered and my muscles are sore! Why? Because I completed a very muddy and very ridiculous 10k obstacle course last night….in the dark!! I signed up for this run ages ago after a little persuading from a friend who said he would do it with me….funnily enough he bailed last minute. As did most of our team members for one reason or another. Leaving me and my friend Little K (Selina) to go it alone! I’m not going to lie, when the team started to fall apart I wanted to bail too as I hadn’t done enough training for it but Selina convinced me other wise and we decided to brave it!. It was a hell of a course….wading through muddy streams, pools, a massive lake, swamps and other beautiful wet features! And then running through the woods and clambering over cargo net walls, hay bales, 10ft gates, teetering on balance beams and tight ropes!! And all this in the dark with only our head torches to help us out! But we did it! and we completed it with smiles on our faces!!

image (6)image (7)

Other news!! I’ll be officially starting my training for my new job next week. Last week was great. A few intro’s into what the organisation is about and what we will be doing and got to spend a lot of time getting to know our new team. I really enjoyed it and I’m so excited about what’s to come.

Be back later in the week with more news…..just wanted to fill you in on last nights antics! So tired now….all that’s left for me is food and bed! 🙂

The new girl

So yesterday was my first day in my new job. I’m normally a bit anxious about starting anything new…but not this time. I was really excited and couldn’t wait to get there. So off I went in my new outfit with my packed lunch (bit like starting a new school except not as scary) and tootled off to the office.

I got there pretty early so sat in the car sending ‘I’m here!’ messages to a few people and then decided to head in. I rang the bell at the front door and as I waited to be let in I was joined by another new girl…yay! We were escorted to reception where we signed in and then loitered in the seating area with all the other newbies. Forgot to mention the organisation I now work for did a fairly big recruitment drive earlier in the year so lots of new staff will be joining over the next few months…which makes it even less scary as I’m not the only new person. So anyway got chatting to my ‘new friend’ who I had walked in with and then we were taken into the boardroom to do the usual first day intros, health and safety chats and get to know each other bits and pieces.

After a long lunch (we soon discovered that this week was not going to be an overly busy one) one of the Directors came and gave us a little ‘a bit about us’ talk. During it, he congratulated us on our new posts and then went on to tell us that we were picked for the 100 available positions from almost 8000 other applicants!! I was in shock! I knew there would have been a lot of people applying but I didn’t expect that number. It was quite overwhelming and I even felt myself tearing up a little bit with a feeling of self pride. I knew I’d done well to get to where I was but I didn’t know on what scale.

The rest of the day and most of today has been the continuing with new starter stuff, getting our new phones and laptops and learning a bit more about what we will be doing. And I think the rest of the week will be pretty much of the same until our 5 week training kicks off next week. I’m really gutted I can’t say more then that because it’s so exciting and I literally cannot wait to get started. I’ve never walked into a new job and felt that it was the right fit from day one. I’ve settled into places and ended up loving it there but I get a feeling about this job. A different feeling. A Good feeling. I think I’ve finally found the job for me! 🙂


Endings and Beginnings

I did it…well almost! My Clean 9 detox come’s to an end today. I did my final weigh in today and although I haven’t lost anymore weight I’ve shifted another half inch off my waist and my hips. So total weight loss is 5.5lbs (2.5kg) and a total of 4 inches lost from various parts….mainly my mid section in just 9 days! So I’m pleased…really pleased! But more so for the change in my energy, my ability to control my eating now and just the general feeling of healthiness. The detox has taught me that I definitely eat pointless food in between my meals. Whether it’s out of habit or boredom I now know that it’s food I don’t need because the last 9 days have involved no snacking and I’ve not even felt the need to do it. I’ve also learned how a 600 calorie evening meal is a lot more then you think and more then enough to fill you up if you’ve eaten sensibly during the day. So I’m feeling good and I’m definitely giving Clean 9 the thumbs up! I’d even go as far as to say I’d probably do it twice a year just to give my body the cleanse and restart it needs every 6 months or so.

So what now? Well I have some of the milkshake powder left and the aloe and other bits too so I think I’ll continue with the Clean 9 morning routine until it all runs out. So from tomorrow I’m going to introduce food back in at lunchtime. I’ll start with fairly light meals and small portions and see how I go. I am making a change to my fitness regime from next week as well. Want to get back up to 5 times a week and 2 of those sessions are now going to be with a Personal Trainer, so I will have to make sure I balance my food in take with the calories I’ll be burning. I decided a PT was required and it was time to get serious as my fitness has plateaued and I need someone to push me to help me hit my goals. More on that in a later post! 🙂

So a little new beginning there with my healthy eating and fitness. But onto bigger beginnings……tomorrow I start my new job! It’s been a long journey with me applying for the position back in May and going through numerous interviews, psychometric tests and assessments but tomorrow it all begins! I’m so excited!! I feel a little bit like I’m starting a new school. It doesn’t feel quite real to be honest and I don’t think it will until I work through those doors at my new office. The nature of the job means I won’t be able to talk about it in detail but I’ll be sure to be back here later this week to let you all know how I’m getting on 🙂

Clean 9 – Day 4 to 6

So I was really pleased with how the first few days of my Clean 9 detox went and I’m happy to say things are still progressing nicely…

Day 4 (Tuesday) – I was little apprehensive about Tuesday. I was going to be home alone with no one to keep their beedy eye on me to make sure I wasn’t cheating. I woke up feeling good and again had a great nights sleep. Still, I stayed in bed for as long as possible to again avoid the temptations in the kitchen. Skyping my little sis over in NZ for a good hour helped pass half the morning away. Then I got on with my day….aloe vera, garcinia, milkshake and bee pollen. Done! I then got on with all the little jobs I (and my Mum) had left myself to do. This kept me busy and distracted and before I knew it, it was way past lunchtime and time for my next instalment of Clean 9 ‘goodies’. After that I had a nice chat with my friend Caoimhe who lives over in Perth….miss her!!! And then sat down to catch up with Season 4 of Game of Thrones! Love this show!!! I can’t believe I’ve managed to hold out this long. And for those that watch it know that most of the time it puts you off food anyway so I wasn’t going to get any cravings watching it haha! I then ate my evening meal around 7.30 and was again more then satisified and took myself off to bed around 9pm to watch a movie in bed!

Day 5 (Wednesday) – As you may have noticed I didn’t mention exercise on day 4. That’s because I didn’t do anyway. Probably not advisable as the 20 minute daily workout is part of the plan so best stick to it if you are going to give it a try. However I was up at 6.15am on Wednesday to head out for a 10k run. Now I was in two minds about the whole morning shake…if I had it before the run that would have been a long time to wait until lunch after a fairly big exercise session (for me anyway) or I would have to move all my meal times forward and bit and that would have resulted in me having my evening meal at 5pm. So I decided to just take the bee pollen and run without the shake. BIG MISTAKE! Was barely 3km in before my energy started to fade. I could feel a headache coming on and I just didn’t seem to have it in me. Still, with encouragement from my running buddy I persevered and jog/walked the 10km distance. When I got home I was desperate for a bacon sarnie but I settled for the milkshake instead 😉

The rest of the day was a quiet one. I was tired so I spent most of it relaxing in my room and smashing through the rest of Game of Thrones! Season 4 complete by 11pm and I was out like a light!

Day 6 (Thursday) – I woke up at 6am from the best sleep ever! I didn’t wake once in the night and I felt great. However it was still early considering I had no where to be today so I rolled over and went back to sleep and got in another fabulous 2 hours of snoozing!! When I finally woke again I suddenly remembered it was weigh in day again. Excited to see if I’d made anymore progress I jumped out of bed and headed downstairs to the scales. Another 1.5lbs down! YAY!!!! I’ve also lost another half inch from my waist and an inch from my hips. 🙂

Other then the slight exercise mishap yesterday which I think was down to my poor planning I am feeling really good. My daily energy levels are fab, i’m sleeping great and I’m not really finding this hard at all. I do get hungry around 6pm but I know dinner is just around the corner at that point so it’s all good. Only 4 more days to go for me…can’t wait to see the end result! 🙂

Aloe Aloe Aloe – Day 1 to 3

So last Friday was my last day at my temp job. I decided rather then work up until the last minute before starting the exciting new job I would take a week out and chill out a little bit. I also thought this would be a good opportunity to get my health and fitness back on track, and what better way to do this then kick it all off with a 9 day cleansing detox. So I thought I’d give this aloe vera ‘Clean 9’  thing a go. Everyone has been raving about it and already being a aloe convert I thought it would be my best option. So far it’s been really good…..I know I’ve still got a way to go yet but I’m already feeling the benefits.

So lets start from the beginning..

Day 1 (Saturday) – My morning started with two large Garcinia capsules. Don’t ask me what they are, because I don’t know. However they are to be taken 20mins before 120ml of aloe vera gel. Yes!! 120ml! I’m used to drinking the aloe gel so this wasn’t a problem for me but it does good to wash it down with plenty of water as it is a fairly large amount. I then weighed myself and after the nasty shock of how much weight I’d put back on over the last few weeks I took my measurements as well. So that was my first step done..

I then got to have a ‘snack’ mid morning. I’m not sure why they call it a snack because it’s not. It’s just 2 bee pollen tablets. Again I’m not sure exactly how these work but they are supposed to keep energy levels high and help with the hunger pangs. And you know what? They work!!

Next up lunch! 🙂 I again had to take the tablets and aloe vera as I did for ‘breakfast’ and then got to follow it up with a chocolate milkshake. Wasn’t too sure about the taste at first but that soon changed! For this ‘meal’ I also had to take some more bee pollen tablets. At this point I was feeling good, there were no cravings and I was ready to get active. As part of the detox it is recommended for best results that you do at least 20 minutes a day of some sort of exercise. Now you are supposed to do this first thing in the morning after the breakfast part but I didn’t on the first day. Took myself off for a 30 minute brisk walk around my estate, worked up a bit of a sweat and then came home to a nice mug of hot water and lemon haha!

At this point I hid away in my room for a bit. I wasn’t hungry but I wanted to avoid being around tempting foods in the kitchen. I started to get a little hungry around 8pm but I had my last dose of goodies and went to bed a bit later in the hope that I would just sleep through it.

Day 2 (Sunday) – After a really good sleep I woke up around 6am. I was quite amazed that I didn’t wake up hungry. Not one bit. Day 2 was a repeat of day 1 but I got my exercise out of the way a little earlier. I intended to go for a run but my although I felt good I guess the lack of actual solid food did have an effect on my body and I ended up walking most of the 6k route instead. Still, it was more then the recommended amount of exercise so I was happy enough. I then went home and had my well deserved milkshake which now tasted a hell of a lot better then it did yesterday haha! After that I spent most of the day chilling out in my room again. I wasn’t really hungry but I just felt it safer to stay away from any temptations.

Day 3 (Monday) – Woke up today so excited that I actually would get to eat this evening..yay! Today the program changed slightly in that the amount of aloe throughout the day was reduced and I could now also have a milkshake for breakfast and a 600 calorie meal in the evening…yesss!!! First things first…today I had to weigh in again. What a shock when I found that I’d actually lost 4lbs!! Couldn’t quite believe it. Also lost an inch from my waist and chest. Went to the gym mid morning for a short sharp workout and then spent the afternoon with my friend Katharine and her 3 boys. Had me a few herbal teas today as well which has made the day a bit easier. And then at 7pm I got to eat. 🙂 🙂 I’ve never looked forward to and enjoyed a meal so much haha! Funnily enough the 600 calories filled me up so much. I’m still feeling full now and it’s been over an hour since I’ve eaten.

So they say the first two days are the toughest and I suppose with no actual food being eaten they are in comparison to today. However I didn’t find them that hard. My energy levels stayed good, I only got a little bit hungry in the evening but solved that by drinking plenty of water and taking myself off to bed. I feel less bloated and bit lighter and my skin feels amazing as well. So far the detox is doing exactly what it says on the box so I’m looking forward to the next 6 days and can’t wait to see some more positive changes. Bring it on!! 🙂

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