Just one of those days!

Some days I get tired of staying positive, keeping my spirits up, looking forward. Some days I just want to cry, scream, or hit something! Some days are just shitty! Today is one of those days! I don’t why, no one has done anything, nothing bad has happened. It’s just how it is. Shitty!


Sunday Session!!

Sunday…day of rest!! Not for me..haha! Just recovering from my boot camp session at the gym! Wow…that was tough! Was ready to collapse just after the 10 minute warm up! Burpees, mountain climbers, squat thrusts….who invented these hellish exercises?? I persevered though and survived the laps of walking lunges, skipping and jogging with a 10kg weight bag on my back and the ridiculous giant tyre flipping exercise which I only managed as I teamed up with my friend who came with me. It was a challenging session but I did enjoy it and will be going back for more. BUT! Yes, there’s a but! I was really disappointed with the instructor. He seemed to be severely lacking in the coaching skills department. There were only 7 of us in the session, 3 of us being girls. I got the impression he was amused that us ladies were even there and from the start made assumptions that we would not be able to do as much as the men. There was no motivational support, no real encouragement and at times he was even a little condescending and cocky! Thankfully he did not put me off and I will definitely go back but his attitude and behaviour are in danger of putting others off which is a real shame as it’s a really good class! Just p*ssed me off a bit and I’m tempted to make a complaint….or should I call it constructive criticism?! Maybe I’ll see how the next session goes first though….

Anyway so now I’ve got a few hours to chill out and enjoy the sunshine before Part II at 5pm and my Body Pump class. Really love this class and now I’ve got my Mum coming along with me so it’s even better with a bit of company. Really proud of her surviving the first class a few weeks back and coming back for more! Mind you…she can lift more weight then me haha!!

So I’m quite enjoying my Sunday’s at the moment. At home this used to be a day of over eating, minimal activity and feeling horribly sluggish and miserable once the evening set in. Not anymore! For the last few weeks Mum and I have gone out for a walk late morning and the followed it with Body Pump. And obviously today I had my morning boot camp session. It’s a nice feeling having worked for our Sunday feast and I don’t feel so guilty now if I over indulge a little. And all this crazy activity gets me nice and tired for a decent nights sleep rather then staying up as late as possible dreading the start of a new week!

It scares me to think how different things were a year ago….A Sunday session back then meant an afternoon in the pub or friends over for dinner and way too much wine. Of course I miss all that…you can’t beat a sunny Sunday in beautiful Perth. But this alternative is not too bad either! One things for sure, I feel a lot better for it! 🙂



Don’t be a hater!

Last night, running club clashed with the England match so myself and my friend decided to go for a run by ourselves a little earlier so we could get home in time to watch the game. It was a beautiful warm and sunny evening and we were proud of ourselves for not letting a scheduling issue put us off going for our run. So we’re about 2km in….running, chatting, panting away (haha!) and feeling good. Just as we turn the corner and jog past a little queue of traffic a not so lovely member of the male species decides to shout out a fairly unpleasant comment at us. Now I chose to completely ignore the douche bag but I could see it had bothered my friend. I mean of course it would. We are far from Nike running models so it takes some courage to get out and run in public. But you know what? We are getting out and doing it anyway, and we don’t need some vile pig knocking us down for it! The loser was probably on his way to the pub to fill his gut with beer and burgers….and to think some unlucky lady is going to end up with him!!

Gaahhhhh!!! It really got me mad. Personally I didn’t let his comment bother me but I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who like my friend would let it get to them. So I just want to say to all those of you that have ever been in a similar situation. Screw the haters!! They’re just jealous because they can’t get off their lazy as*es and do it themselves! Be proud of yourself and don’t let the stupidity of other folk get you down. If anything turn that negativity around and use it as fighting fuel. Show them what you got….because I’m sure it’s a hell of a lot more then any of them have!!


Stepping it up!

So I’m upping the ante from today….I’ve got 4 weeks until my run and I’m on a mission to get fitter, healthier, and hopefully blast away some fat in the process. I am disappointed in myself for not sticking with the 12wbt program but despite slipping back into my old ways for a few weeks I got back in the zone and put what I’d learned from it back into practise. I’ve still been mixing up my running training with body pump classes to make sure I’m getting some strength and conditioning work in there and where ever possible I’m trying to eat as well as I can. In general I’ve been doing ok….but I know I can do better! So for the next month I’m going to eat as healthy as I can, work out as hard as I can and….I’m banning the booze!! No more wine for me until I cross that finish line in London!!

So where to begin? Well….I need to cut down on the sweet treats for a start! Since my parents got home we’ve gotten into a naughty habit of snacking on chocolate every evening after dinner….and sometimes I even sneak a little bit in between meals as well! Soooo bad!! On the plus side I’ve increased my intake of a few ‘super food’s’ like spinach, beets, chia seeds and veggies in general. However I’m still a bit of a carb whore so I need to really watch myself there and maybe incorporate some more alternatives like quinoa into my diet! I’m not going to lie…I have gotten a bit lazy as now Mum is back and in the kitchen a lot I tend to just eat what she cooks as it’s always yum! But I really should be a little bit stricter on myself!!

I think I’ve done pretty well on the exercise front! I’m far from hard-core but I’ve been in the gym or out running at least 4 or 5 times every week. Although I’ve come a long way with my running I haven’t shifted as many lbs and toned up as much as I would have liked. I know this is a lot to do with my diet, and while I will be making more changes there I think I need to mix it up a bit on the fitness front too! So tonight I’m trying out a Metafit class at the gym. It sounds like 30 minutes of pure hell…..BUT it’s supposed to help boost your metabolism, burn ridiculous amounts of calories and improve your over all fitness. So I’m hoping that it will help me lose a bit more weight and pick up the running pace….that is as long as I survive it! 😉

Being fit and healthy is one thing but whilst I’m out of work I really need to try and make sure I keep my mind occupied. So another thing I am starting today is an online nutrition course. My interest in the do’s and don’t of food has increased a lot over the last few months so I thought I would do a course to learn a bit more to help with my healthy lifestyle change and to keep my brain stimulated! There’s only so much food TV one can watch…haha!!

I’ve just read this post back to check for the old spelling errors as I always do and it’s funny to think how much I have actually changed. I give myself a hard time sometimes because I don’t think I’m doing enough, yet now reading this back I can see that all the small changes I have made are making a difference and I’m a lot more health conscious then I was. My ultimate aim when I started this whole thing was to think about my health and fitness a lot more and I reckon I’ve not done a bad job so far….and long may it continue! 🙂

The running bug

It’s gorgeous out today!! The sun is shining and it officially feels like summer! Better late then never I suppose! And I intend to make the most of it as this is England after all so it could all be over by the end of the month haha!

I went for a run this morning….not going to lie it was a bit of a struggle! It was hot and humid and I never do very well when I’m alone. In fact I find that if I don’t have a running buddy my friends the devils and the angel tend to join me and no matter how hard I try to ignore old devil horns he always seems to drown out the ‘you can’ talk from Miss Angel and fill my head with ‘you can’t’! I try to turn my music up real loud and drown them both out but today it didn’t seem to help! Never the less, I ran and a poor effort it better then zero effort!

On Wednesday night it was the 5k race to mark the end of the beginners course at my running club. It was a tough run as it was quite a warm evening and the route took us over a course that we’d never done before. It was a little hilly and over grassy fields which I wasn’t used to, but I managed it and in my fastest time yet! Not sure if it was the buzzing atmosphere that made my little beginner legs move faster or the fact that we were being lapped by teenagers from local running clubs who were also taking part…haha! Either way I was proud of my achievement. 10 weeks ago I could barely run a kilometre and now I know I can do much more then that!! 🙂

I got my race pack for the British 10k race today as well!! Even though I know I can do that distance the reality of actually running the race is now hitting me and I’m actually quite nervous! There are still 4 weeks to go so I’ve still a nice amount of time to get race ready! And I need to remind myself how far I’ve come and the reason I’m doing this. It’s not about timings for me at all…..just knowing that a year ago I could barely get myself out of bed or up off the couch and now here I am training for a 10k run and raising money for a great charity.

A lot of people said to me that once you start running it can get quite addictive. I’m not sure I’m at the point where I’m loving it yet but I can definitely see what they mean. Once the run in London is out of the way next month the last thing I want to do is stop. I really want running to become something I do regularly as although I sometimes have that feeling of ‘do I really have to?’ as the running shoes go on, the feeling after I’m done is beyond brilliant!! And of course there are all the other obvious benefits! So anyway to keep myself in the zone I’ve signed up for another 5k fun run in August and I’m contemplating a crazy 10k obstacle race in September! The obstacle race fills me with dread but I’ve a lot of friend who have done similar events and they’ve all said how much fun they are and the sense of achievement once you have completed it is amazing. So myself and a few friends are working on getting a little team together to make it even more fun!

This post was meant to be all about the glorious weather and how good I’m feeling at the moment but instead it’s turned out to be all about running. Sorry about that…I guess I am more involved in the world of running then I actually thought!!

Anyway back to today….got a friend over for dinner tonight so going to get busy in the kitchen now as I’m making my yummy lemon tart for dessert! And of course I will be nipping out in the garden every now and then to soak up some sunshine and read more of my book…which funnily enough is all about running! 😉

Enjoy your Friday lovely people and have a fab weekend!! x

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