It’s all good :)

So it’s Sunday evening and unlike most people I still don’t have that dread of the alarm blasting away tomorrow morning and spoiling that feeling that your body is finally ready to stay in bed past 7am. Isn’t that the worst thing….Saturday morning…no need to get out of bed and you are wide awake and raring to go at ridiculous o clock!?! Anyway back to my point….yes, I’m still unemployed!!

Trying to stay patient but I’m so ready to get back into ‘normal life’ that this no work malarkey is getting a bit frustrating. I had two jobs that were almost mine until the last minute over the last month. Grrrr!! Literally waiting on the formal offer or start date confirmation and at the last second…nothing!! But I am trying to stay positive and go along ‘the right job is yet to come’ theory and remember that this chill out time will soon be over and I’ll be longing for those lazy days again haha!!

So where has that left me?! A bit bored…lonely… and lacking motivation. The last couple of weeks have been slack on the fitness front as I’d mentioned. Still eating good so pleased with that., but not hitting the gym as much as I should. However I’m starting to enjoy the running. Thursday’s running club sess was good. I realised I need to stop trying to keep up with the rest and just go at my own (snail like) pace. It made it more enjoyable and that 10km race in July seems slightly more achievable!

So that’s where I am. Plodding on! I’ve had a few days where the dark side has seemed a little bit too close for comfort but I’ve managed to back away from it and walk in the other direction. Things will get where they need to be in time….and for now I just need to look forward, put one foot in front of the other and keep going!!! 🙂


Thanks Team x

I’m not going to lie things have been all over the place this last week. I find myself on buzzing highs and then quite quickly fall down and find myself in not such a happy place. The fitness is at a minimal and although I’m eating healthy I know I’m not eating enough as my appetite is low.

But I want to write about the good things that have kept me going this week. I have such amazing people around me. My family are fab! Leaving me to it but sending the encouraging messages and love over Skype and text. My far away friends never fail to have me smiling. It’s so nice knowing that people so far away, even though they haven’t seen you in months can keep you going. I spoke to Emma on Facetime today and it totally turned my day around. We’ve not talked like that since I left Perth, yet it seemed like it was only yesterday. I miss her so much but thanks to technology she never seems that far away.

It’s been nice to have the company and support of people at home as well. Some friends who have been there since I was young…others, new to the scene. Whether it be in person or the phone they’ve been amazing and it’s so nice to know I’m never alone no matter how dark the days get.

I know this sh*tty time is temporary. I’m looking forward to a routine, busy days etc and I know it will come in time. But while I wait for that I’ve got some awesome people around me. So if I don’t tell you guys enough…I love you, and you rock!!! 🙂 xxx

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